Saturday, 21 April 2012

Heya My Motherfuckers!!

Wazzup! Da Dawg in the hizzouse! Talking to all you peeps out in da internetz. How you bitches doing out there! Yeah you Motherfuckers be cool! I bin seeing this weird dude man. He's all wearing a suit and shit and looks like a god damn Mofo you know!? So I be writing this blog to tell you all about this crazy shit that's been happening!

Check y'all out soon bitches!


  1. Oi you better watch bruv!

    You be stepping on the slendawg's turf, you know what I is saying! You come near we is gonna shank ya yo!

  2. A proxy is like one of those things peeps use to get past web blockers and shit innit?

    Whatevs... This slendawg motherfucker got nothing on me dude. He try to shank me I'll bust a cap in his ass.

    I'll bust a cap in all y'all asses.