Thursday, 7 June 2012


I should never of woken up again but I did. My entire body was in pain and my arms and legs were so stiff I couldn't move. There was an I.V. going into my arm and I realized I was in a hospital bed. There were three figures standing over me. They were The Plague Doctor, The Slender Man and The Dying Man who had visited my house days or perhaps weeks ago. As they saw I was awake The Plague Doctor and The Slender Man left or at least moved out of view. The Dying Man stayed watching me and bent down laying her elbows on the bed and resting her chin on her hands.

"You're an idiot," she stated simply.

"Thanks I know," I rasped out with some difficulty.

"No you don't know. You have no idea how much of an idiot you are."

"What are you-"

"-Quiet. We told you not to go but no you rushed off, almost got yourself killed and accomplished nothing."

"Nothing? You mean Megan is sti-"

"-Possessed? Yes she is. Also you've now scared The Herald off. Meaning we lost track of him. Now we have no clue what's coming next. The second is dead and the first is lost in The Empty City and now The third is you. A suicidal idiot. You've probably doomed your entire universe. I hope you're happy."

I didn't reply. I fucked up. Big time. That was obvious. I was confused by this third, first and second thing but the face she was giving me told me she was not open to questions.

"You better recover quickly. We have important jobs for you," she said straightening back up.

I nodded and she scowled before leaving me alone.

A day or two later I was strong enough to sit up and they gave me back my laptop so I wrote this to update you all on my status.

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