Friday, 15 June 2012

The hell just happened

So we ran into another random person in The City this time while traversing what I'm pretty sure was a giant bookshelf. Which was kind of fun actually. Anyways we ran into this random guy. Harold was about to shoot him but TDM stopped him and went to the guy. They talked or something I don't know and then he freaked out and started running but she grabbed his arm and then he dropped. His body convulsed a couple of times arms and legs twitching and then he started laughing which quickly became crying then he stopped and got up. He introduced himself as Dr. Malice. New Dying Man piece? Was that what TDM meant about a new ally?

Wait does that mean there were two Dying Men in one body for a bit? Damn... I wonder how that works.

Well regardless we're heading on now. For some reason we're following TDM... The new TDM... Fuck I guess I have to call them by their damn "names" now.

(Don't worry it's almost over)

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