Saturday, 9 June 2012


Still stuck in bed. Recovery is slow. The Fears are great healers especially The Plague Doctor but it's still taking a while to recover. Apparently I was saved by The Dying Man. Apparently this one goes by the name The Liar but as far as I'm concerned they're all the same body stealing monster so I'm not calling them by any special name. Anyways, she apparently entered the affected area shortly after I did originally with the intention of stopping me but was too late and instead she just brought me back out sustaining me for the trip by temporarily possessing my body. Yeah apparently The Dying Man can actually protect it's hosts. I asked why it keeps letting it's host die then and it's reply was that it can sustain the body unless it suffers injury. Basically it can't regenerate the body from wounds it can merely neutralize illness and poisons. It can also apparently stop it's host from starving, drowning, asphyxiating, dehydrating, sleep deprivation and other threats of a similar nature. I long ago ceased to question the logic these creatures operate under. So the point is I'm still bedridden and nothing of importance has happened. Missing my sister a bit. Wish she was here.

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